Best Blenders for Money: Convenience and Health

 Vitamix E310
Blendtec Total Classic
best blender for money
NutriBullet N12-1001
best personal blender
KitchenAid KSB4027PA
Ninja BL660
Bottom LineGreat Blender with ValueBlender With ClassCombines affordability and Perfomance Affordable OptinoEasy to Use
ProsPowerful motor.
Complete speed control.
It offers a tamper to scrap sides.
Precise container design.
Friction heat for soups.
Smart blender.
Preprogrammed settings.
Easy to operate touchpad.
Tamper-free blades.
Professional results.
1200-watt power.
Maximum nutrient extraction.
Pre-programmed pulse function.
Auto shut-off.
Compact size.
Affordable Price.
Three preset Programs.
Large jug.
Asymmetrical blades.
Soft start feature.
Low price.
Six blades for large jugs.
Two small pitchers.
Maximum nutrient extraction.
Special pour spout for the jug.
ConsBit expensive.Bit heavy machine.Not great for a large family.Bit Bulky.Only a 3-speed control option.

If you are looking for the best blender for money we can help. A good blender can be a great step towards healthy food. After all, it allows you to consume the maximum amount of nutrients easily. And not to mention the help you get in your kitchen. It simply makes the whole cooking process easy and hassle-free.

In this article, we will look at some of the best blenders for your kitchen. These blenders are chosen for their various functionality and the ease they can bring in your kitchen life.

Before we recommend some of the best blenders for money, let’s look at some of the types of blenders.

Types of Blenders For MOney

There is a lot of variety when it comes to the type of blender. It depends on individual needs. Few types are:

Personal or Bullet Blenders: these are blenders for small servings. They have the pitchers with to-go lids that make it easy to carry your drink with you.

Countertop Blenders: these are sturdy blenders designed for countertops. They are powerful and help you prepare drinks and smoothies in large quantities. They also help you prepare all types of sauces, purees, and soups to help you cook a variety of food.

Hand Blenders: Hand blenders are easy and powerful sticks that you just put in your container for a quick blending of ingredients. They are easy to clean and often come with a powerful motor to help you get smooth pastes of all types of ingredients.


Best Blenders for Money

Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender: Best Blender for Money

Best Blender for Money by Vitamix

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Vitamix’s Explorian blenders is a valuable line of blenders that offer great features along with durability. This one is also a professional-grade blender that is designed for ensuring the maximum convenience for the customers.

The blender provides a perfectly sized jug that can cater to the need of a medium to the small family. You don’t have to make smoothies in batches anymore. Yet, it is still smartly designed not to be too bulky or space covering.

When it comes to the right texture of your purees, sauces, or even smoothies, no one can beat Vitamix. The blender provides a wide range of speed control so you can slow it down or run it as fast as you like. The pulse option enables you to leave some crunchy texture in your purees so you can feel the ingredients.

To help you blend the toughest ingredients without any liquid, it provides a special tamper. You don’t have to stop the machine while blending. Simply stir the ingredients and scrape the sides to help you make a smooth paste without adding any extra liquid.

The best part of investing a valuable blender like Vitamix is the powerful motor. It is strong enough to make flour, blend seeds, pulverize the greens, or even blend ice or frozen ingredients with ease.

No blending machine is useful without quality blades. It comes with laser-cut blades that are durable and efficient enough to cut through hard fruits and veggies. The blender is easy to clean, which makes it a very convenient option for those who have little time to spend in the kitchen.

Overall, this is one of the best blenders for money-making your kitchen time easy and hassle-free.


  1. Powerful motor.
  2. Complete speed control.
  3. It offers a tamper to scrap sides.
  4. Precise container design.
  5. Friction heat for soups.


  1. Bit expensive.

Blendtec Total Classic: Blenders with smart technology

Best Blender for Money for Smart users

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Blendtec is another name for quality blenders. It suits those who can spend a bit high priced for better functionality and performance. want to know about some other expensive blenders? (here is our list of best expensive blenders)

It is a professional-grade blender that will give perfect results to your recipes. Whether you want to make some creamy smoothies, frozen desserts, or hot soups, the blender makes the job more comfortable with its lots of functions.

The difference between a high-end blender and a lower price machine is simply the way they blend different soft and hard ingredients. Not even hard vegetables, but softer fruits need the precise speed, or the results are frothier, not creamy smoothies.

The Blendtec Total Classic provides an intuitive interface that makes all blending options readily available on a touchpad. The easy to use technology makes the blending process convenient and straightforward for end-users.

The touchpad has clear pictures to help you choose the preset programs. With preprogrammed technology, you don’t have to guess the right speed required for your ingredient. Simply choose the type of food, and the smart blender will automatically decide the optimal speed for you. It leaves the guesswork out of your cooking.

The blender features specially steel-made blades that are blunt. So, there is no risk of cutting your fingers while cleaning from inside. Also, the blades are powerful enough to pulverize ingredients without needing to tamper.

Overall, it’s a quality product that is designed to give you professional results and care-free blending experience with its smart technology.


  1. Smart blender.
  2. Preprogrammed settings.
  3. Easy to operate touchpad.
  4. Tamper-free blades.
  5. Professional results.


  1. Bit heavy machine.

NutriBullet N12-1001: Best Blenders for Money

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In the blending world, when you talk about affordability and performance, NutriBullet is the brand that justifies both. It’s a range of affordable yet very functional blenders that you would love to have in your kitchen.

This one is not a personal blender, or you may call it a bullet blender as well. The blender comes with small pitchers that are great for making sauces and purees, or for protein shakes and other healthy drinks for a single serving.

Pro Plus comes with 1200-watt power that is sufficient to help you blend a variety of ingredients easily. It can even help you make butter from nuts and create smooth pastes from seeds as well. Its powerful motor makes it a perfect nutrient extractor as well.

 It pulverizes the ingredients to their cell levels unlocking all the hidden ingredients. You can throw in the ingredients with seeds and peels to help you get the maximum benefits of mother-nature.

The blender comes with a new pulse system that enables you to have the right consistency of ingredients. You can keep your salsas and purees chunky to feel the ingredients.

The personal blender makes it easy for you to carry your drinks. Simply blend your favorite ingredients and carry the pitcher along with the lid. The pitcher is spacious enough to help you carry 34 oz. of drink along.

Its smart technology allows you to make use of pulse preprogrammed pulse function with the auto-shutoff system. The system shuts off after the optimal extraction of nutrients.

Overall, it’s one of the best blenders for money for those who need a personal blender. Its small and compact size enables you to place it in any cabinet drawer easily.


  1. 1200-watt power.
  2. Maximum nutrient extraction.
  3. Pre-programmed pulse function.
  4. Auto shut-off.
  5. Compact size.


  1. Not great for a large family.

KitchenAid KSB4027PA K400: Best option in Basic Blenders

basic Blender by KitchenAid

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Those who love to have a basic blending device with less figuring out should consider this KitchenAid’s blender that is designed for perfect taste and texture.

The blender comes with unique asymmetrical blades that blend at four distinct angles. The method keeps rolling all the ingredients in, and you don’t have to tamper the ingredients with hands. The result is smoother pastes and gravies. With its 1.5 Peak HP motor, the blender can cut through the hardest ingredients with ease.

The blender provides three preset programs: ice, icy, and drinks that allow you to make a range of recipes on their optimal speed and power. Along with these preset programs, there are also five-speed limits so that you can select the preferred speed for right blending textures.

It makes use of careful way to blend both soft and hard ingredients perfectly. The powerful motor starts slowly to pull the food into its blade and picks up the speed gradually. So for soft ingredients, you can simply blend them for a few minutes.

The spacious jug has a capacity of 56 oz that is enough to cater to the needs of a large family. It’s a basic option that comes with a lot of useful features for your convenience. The blender is also very reasonably priced, especially if we compare it to some expensive blenders(looking for the most expensive blenders, here is our list of them insert interlink)


  1. Affordable Price.
  2. Three preset Programs.
  3. Large jug.
  4. Asymmetrical blades.
  5. Soft start feature.


  1.  Bit Bulky.

Ninja BL660: Best Blender in Low Price

best affordable blender for money

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If you find the above options more costly and want to buy some low-priced yet efficient blender, so Ninja BL660 is for you.

The blender comes with an 1100-watt base motor that makes it easy to crush ice and blend other tough ingredients. The powerful motor helps you extract the maximum nutrients out of your food.

The blender comes with both large and small size pitchers to help you make smoothies in both large and small batches. The large jug has a unique pour spout for entertaining guests. Two Smaller pitchers have a special to-go lid.

The blender features special blades for helping you blender with great power. 6-blades assembly allows you to crush ingredients into smooth dips, sauces, purees, and drinks.

The blender also offers a pretty simple user interface. Overall, it’s the best bet for those on budget.


  1. Low price.
  2. Six blades for large jugs.
  3. Two small pitchers.
  4. Maximum nutrient extraction.
  5. Special pour spout for the jug.


  1. Only a 3-speed control option.

Final Thought

Blenders are convenient to have in any kitchen. The best part is that you can buy one while staying in your budget. There is a wide variety available where we see both expensive, affordable and even low priced blenders easily. We have listed some high-end and also budget friendly options in our list of the best blenders for the money. Make sure you choose one that suits your requirements.

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