Best Juice Blenders: Healthy drinks and juices

 Vitamix 65542
NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z
Blendtec Total Classic
Ninja (BL770)
Ninja Blenders for juicing
Oster Reverse
Affordable Juice Blenders
Bottom LineBlender
with quality
Blender for Nutrient Extraction Blender for Hard Ingredients Multifunctional Blender Affordable Blender
ProsSpeed control

Quality Blades

Easy to clean

Smooth textures.
Single serving and family size pitchers.

Versatile functionality.

Affordable Price.

Nutrition extraction.
Power and speed.

Pre-programmed cycles.

Bland blades.

Durable Plastic finish.

Large Jug.
1500 watt powerful motor.

Caters both small and large servings.

Comes with a chopping bowl

Reasonable price.

Great for frozen drinks.
Seven-speed control.

Low and high pulse

High-quality blades.

Filler with quantity marks.

warranty on all metal drives.
Cons Pricey optionNeeds liquid for blending.Bit expensiveBit expensiveNot many accessories.

Using your regular Blender for Juicing is an excellent idea. Blending and juicing may not be similar, but as the health gurus are propagating the importance of consuming whole fruits and veggies, blenders are becoming a better option. We have designed this article to help you choose some of the best juice blenders.

According to surveys, you need to take about 3-4 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. Consuming that much fruits and veggies is difficult unless you juice or blend them.

Some veggies and fruits are not very easy to consume, like carrots, beet, green grasses and a lot more but they contain a lot of nutritional value.

Then some many fruits and vegetables are not suitable for our regular juicers like cherries, strawberries, bananas, and so many others. It is better to blend them into a healthy drink that tastes wonderful and is easy to consume.

Juice of veggies like spinach or other greens is difficult to consume unless you complement it with some better tasting fruits. Combining several ingredients not only makes your drink taste better, but it adds a variety of nutrition to your drinks as well.

 Difference Between Blending and Juicing

Blending, on the other hand, simply crush and pulverize the ingredients. The good thing is you don’t have to lose any fiber. Also, less time is spent in preparing as you can just throw in the ingredients, and a powerful motor will blend anything you want.

Juicing and blending are different and should not be confused. In juicing, you extract all the liquid from any vegetable or fruit. The juicer crushes the ingredients and strains the juice out of its pulp. The pulp may contain all the fiber and other useful ingredients.

Blending can be a great substitute for juicing where you can consume everything, even peels or seeds.

Another big advantage a blender has over juicer is the ease of cleaning. Juicers have too many parts that make cleaning afterward a nuisance. Blenders are easy to clean; some even come with a self-clean mode.

Things to Consider While Buying a Blender for Juices

If you are looking for a blender specifically for drinks and juices, then you should consider the following points.


The more power means you can blend even the ice and frozen ingredients easily. We always have frozen fruits in the freezer. You don’t need to thaw them before you blend if you have a high powered blender. Anything above 1000 watts is great for blending hard and soft ingredients.


With the speed, you can get the texture you want. If you want little chunks of strawberries or cherries in your drink, you should not run the Blender on full speed. Just go for lesser speed and have your desired texture.

Size of Jug

That depends on your individual needs. The larger jugs will allow you to make smoothies or juices for the whole family. Small pictures are more suitable for single servings. There is some great option that offers both small and large jugs.

Travel Cup

A travel cup is ideal for those who are always on the go. Just blend in your favorite ingredients and take the travel cup along. Not all blenders offer travel cups only bullet blenders or those who offer single-serving pitchers allow you to make use of it as a travel cup.

Best Juice Blenders in Market

Here we have handpicked some of the best blenders that are excellent for juicing. Let’s review each in detail.

Vitamix 65542 : Best Expensive Juice Blenders

Best Vitamix Juice Blenders

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When it comes to quality blenders, you can always trust Vitamix. Their valuable collection of blenders may seem pricey, but they provide the great performance along with durability.

This Vitamix Explorian Blender is a mighty appliance that works well not only in smoothies, but you can trust it for almost any blending task.

Its high-performance motor enables you to blend a variety of ingredients with ease. You can include several hard ingredients like kale, beet,  spinach, or even wheatgrass into a homogenous drink. The variety of ingredients can provide better tasting and full of nutrition drinks for health freaks.

You may not need the same power and speed for almost any drink. If you got some softer ingredients, or need bit rough sauces and purees, the Blender offers multiple speed control. You can have the texture you need at the right speed.

In addition to speed control, it also provides a pulse feature for creating rather rough textures and chunky sauces.

The Blender comes with durable stainless steel blades that are designed to deliver quality. You can make warm drinks with the heat caused by the blades’ friction. It adds versatility to your recipe list.

The Blender comes with a self-cleaning system. Just add a bit of warm water and a drop of dish soap, and it will automatically clean itself in 60 seconds.

Overall, it’s a bit pricey option but provides good value to your every penny spent.


  1.    High power Blending. 
  2.    Complete speed control.
  3.    Quality Blades.   
  4.   Easy to clean.  
  5.    Smooth blending textures.


  1. It’s a pricey option.

NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z: Best Juice Blenders combo

NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z

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If Vitamix is a bit pricey for you, then this NutriBullet Blender combines both quality and affordability.

NutriBullet combo comes with a variety of food choices that makes healthy eating easy for anyone. The Blender combines both a single-serving pitcher and a family size jug that enables you to prepare as much drink as you want.

It provides a single serving pitcher for those who are looking for a personal blender. And you can use the single-serving pitcher as your travel container as well.

The NutriBullet Blender provides an easy to touch user interface that makes the blending a breeze. You no longer need to figure too many buttons, as an intuitive control panel makes everything readily available.

The best thing about this NutriBullet combo is that it helps you extract the maximum amount of nutrition from anything that you put into it. You can make juices and drinks that are full of fiber as no pulp or even peels are useless. Everything blends into a homogenous drink with all its nutritional value intact.

The Blender can be used for a variety of functions. With its 1200 watt power, you can blend in seeds, or can make butter conveniently.

It provides speed control and a durable set of blades that will remain in good shape for long. All parts, pitchers, lids, and even tamper, everything that comes in contact with your food is made of BPA-free premium quality plastic.


  1. 1200 watt power.
  2.   Comes with both single serving and family size pitches.  
  3.  Versatile functionality.
  4. Affordable Price.
  5. Maximum nutrition extraction.


  1. Needs bit liquid to blend.

Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender: High-End Blender for Juices

Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender

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Blendtec is another great option if you are looking for a durable and quality blender for your kitchen.

The Blender comes with useful features that not only help you juice almost all types of fruits and veggies. You can put in both soft and hard ingredients, seeds, nuts, and make your drinks more fulfilling and healthy.

The powerful motor provides great speed and allows you to make sauces and purees with the best texture. You don’t have to dilute the ingredients with water, oil, or other liquid for smoothly running the motor. The Blender does the job with even hard and dry ingredients.

Blendtec has perfected the one-touch blending. The smart yet straightforward user interface allows you to pick different options easily. You can even walk away with its pre-programmed option. Just throw in the ingredients and technology would do the job without you having to stay there all the time.

The Blender has bland and very powerful blades. Blades are not sharp at all, yet they can pulverize the ingredients with great force and speed.

Blendtec is a slightly expensive brand, but it certainly suits those who prefer performance and durability over price. You are investing in a permanent kitchen appliance that would open up new opportunities for wonderful food for you.


  1. Power and speed.
  2. Pre-programmed cycles.
  3. Bland blades.
  4. Durable Plastic finish.
  5. Jug large enough for medium size of the family.


  1. Bit expensive option.
  2. Does not come with a personal pitcher.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770): Multi-functional Blenders

Multi-functional Juice Blenders

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Here is a multifunctional appliance for your kitchen that would not only make some amazing smoothies and drinks but comes with a food processor as well.

The best part of Ninja’s Mega Kitchen system is the range of accessories that you get; it provides a large family-size pitcher for pulverizing the variety of ingredients within seconds.

Also, you get a pitcher for small servings. The 16-ounce pitcher is excellent for those who like to take their drink along. The secure lid will turn the pitcher into a travel bottle.

Besides these two pitchers for drinks, the Blender provides an eight-cup food processor bowl for chopping and mincing.

The Blender comes with a powerful base. 1500-watts of power is good for crushing almost anything you put into it. It’s the best option for crushing ice, making frozen desserts, and a lot more.

The high-speed Blender is a nutrient extractor as well. It breaks the ingredients on the cellular level releasing all the enzymes and nutrients for your health.

The Blender comes with easy to use one-touch buttons that make the blending easy. In addition to premium quality blades, the Blender provides a cutting and chopping disc as well.

Overall, it’s one of the best juice blenders that would help you create some amazing recipes and will assist you in other kitchen chores like chopping as well.


  1. 1500 watt powerful motor.
  2. Caters both small and large servings.
  3. It comes with a chopping bowl as well.
  4. Reasonable price.
  5. Great for frozen drinks.


  1. Too many parts to clean.
  2. It does not offer much speed control.

Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender: Affordable Juice Blenders

Best Affordable Juice Blender

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Here is another budget-friendly option for those who do not need many accessories. Oster Reverse ‘s Blender provides plenty of power for making a range of drinks, sauces, and purees. You may call it one of the best juice blenders at a reasonable price.

1000-watt power is great for juicing even hard frozen fruits easily. You can crush ice or ca blend stone-hard veggies and fruits.

The Blender provides smart technology of pre-programmed option that makes blending hassle-free. The high and low pulse button can be used for roughly chopping or grinding the ingredients. It comes with seven-speed controls that help you achieve your required texture.

The stainless steel construction of the base makes it look not only great but durable as well. The filler cup comes with marks for measuring the liquid inside the jug.

Overall, it’s a quality blender that can be used for a variety of options. Its affordable price makes it more popular among consumers.


  1. Seven-speed control.
  2. Low and high pulse option.
  3. High-quality stainless steel blades.
  4. Filler comes with quantity marks.
  5. Ten years of warranty on all metal drives.


  1. It does not offer too many accessories.

Final Thoughts

The modern-day technique has made blenders more convenient for juicing. It pulverizes the ingredients evenly requiring not liquid at all. You can even strain the juice for removing any residues of peel or seeds behind. The juices are full of energy and nutrients due to the high-quality nutrient extraction functions of these powerful blenders. All options in our list of the best juice blenders are carefully chosen, make sure you choose one that seems more promising to your individual needs.

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