KitchenAid KHBBV53 Cordless Hand Blender Review

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Speed Settings
Hours (Battery Life)
Year Warranty

The KitchenAid KHBBV53 cordless hand blender is one of the cordless collections manufactured by the KitchenAid brand. The brand has recorded great success with the cordless hand blenders, among several other kitchen appliances by the brand.  The cordless blenders are a high step ahead of the previous wired ones by the brand. The blenders aren’t just wireless, but they are a gigantic upgrade from the previous ones. They can perform more functions better. The main problem of wireless devices is power, and the KitchenAid hand blenders, especially this KHBBV53 model, have overcome this problem with their lithium batteries.

These blenders that are manufactured in China are nothing short of excellent. They are much more compact than most immersion blenders. KitchenAid blenders are equipped with numerous functions that make using them much more convenient and easier to handle. These functions can also make it easier for you to get acquainted with your blender and fast.

The KitchenAid KHBBV53 cordless hand blender is mid-budget and still top-notch. Its build is top-quality and appears promising. If you wonder if this is a great choice to add to your kitchen appliances, then you should read this comprehensive review on this blender.

Quick Overview

Included in the Box
  • The motor unit.
  • The blending arm.
  • The pan guard.
  • The mixing cup, and its lid.
  • The blenders' charger.
  • User manual.
Product Code
  • KHBBV53
Product Dimensions
  • Height: 13.54 in. 
  • Width: 4.65 in.
  • Length: 4.57 in.
  • Weight: 2.95 lbs.
Colors Available
  • Onyx Black
  • Blue Velvet
  • Empire Red
  • Passion Red
  • Matte Charcoal Grey
  • Black Matte
  • White
Blender Base & Technology


  • 110-volt motor.
  • 2 hours battery life.
  • 24 oz. mixing cup.
  • BPA-free and dishwasher-safe.
  • Not microwave-safe.
  • 20.3 inches removable stainless-steel arm with four-pronged blades.
  • 110V.
  • US/Canadian configured polarized plug.
Care & Cleaning

After you have disassembled the blender arm from the main body:

  • Rinse the arm along with the mixing cup and pan guard with running water and a little soap.
  • You can also arrange them all on the top shelf of your dishwasher and let them clean.
  • Store them safely away when they are dried up. 
  • Don't immerse in water.
  • 1-year Limited Warranty.
  • KitchenAid - Greenville, Ohio, USA

Product Dimensions

  • Assembled Product Weight: 2.95 pounds.
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L * W * H): 13.54*4.65*4.57 inches.
KitchenAid KHBBV53DG Blender - Functionality
KitchenAid KHBBV53DG Blender - Functionality


This blender is very effective and versatile. It is suitable for making soup, and the consistency is satisfactory. It is great for smoothies, especially when using soft fruits, and it is not suitable for frozen ingredients or ice. Likewise, it is an excellent choice for mixing cake and cookie batter, baby food, whipped cream, chocolate, and emulsifying mayonnaise. It can mince vegetables and fruits and meat that is already cut into small bits. Not only that, but it can mash potatoes to fine even textures and is great for dressings and salads.

To grind nuts for butter or to power, you need to use the pulsing feature. The functions are numerous, from puréeing to chopping and grinding. You have to note that the blender works best with soft ingredients that are cut into small bits, so to avoid large chunks, be sure to pre-cut your ingredients. This blender is also fast and requires very little effort.


The KitchenAid KHBBV53 has two control buttons: the safety switch and the variable speed trigger. Both buttons are located on the motor unit of the blender. The safety switch is on the front side, and the variable speed trigger is on the back. The safety switch must be on before you can run the blender.

After you switch on the safety switch, you can now press the variable speed trigger with your palm, and it will immediately run the blender, determining the blender’s speed by the amount of firmness applied to pressing it. You must keep holding for continuous running. The blender is fast, so it shouldn’t take you long to achieve your desired textures. Be sure to take a break after one-minute blending.

KitchenAid KHBBV53DG Blender - Motor and Blade
KitchenAid KHBBV53DG Blender - Motor and Blade

Motor and Blade

The motor houses one lithium charger that takes two hours to charge with an adaptor to get fully charged. When fully charged, it can operate for two hours. It has a voltage of 110 volts. It is equipped with a battery life indicator that turns from green to red when the battery power is below thirty percent. This efficiently runs the blending arm attachment and enables it to perform all the mentioned functions efficiently.

The blending arm attachment is a 20.3 inches removable stainless-steel arm with four-pronged blades. It is long enough to use directly in your pots and pans, and it comes along with a removable plastic pan guard designed to protect your pots and pans from scratching and peeling of the nonstick coating from your nonstick pots and pans.  Suppose you decide to purchase the optional accessories separately. In that case, you will find that they work just perfectly with the motor unit and perform a great job altogether.


Container and Accessories

The set includes a 24 oz. mixing cup that comes with its lid and not a skid ring at the base. The cup is made of BPA-free plastic and is dishwasher safe but not microwave safe. It also comes with only one blending arm attachment that is the main cutting and chopping equipment. There are optional accessories that you can purchase separately online, but the set originally comes with only a few parts.

KitchenAid KHBBV53DG Blender - Accessories
KitchenAid KHBBV53DG Blender - Accessories

Care and Cleaning

Cleaning this blender is straightforward. Even though there is no tap and release buttons for detaching the attachment parts, which is the blender arm, all you have to do is twist it perfectly to assemble and untwist to disassemble.

After you have successfully disassembled the blender arm from the main body, you can choose to rinse the arm along with the mixing cup and pan guard with running water and a little soap. You can also decide to arrange them all on the top shelf of your dishwasher and let them clean. Store them safely away when they are dried up. You can whip the main body with a damp towel. Don’t immerse in water.

Warranty and Replacements

The KitchenAid cordless blender is covered by a full one-year warranty that includes the cost of shipping replacement blenders if the blender should get faulty within one year. You may not need a warranty because this blender Is made with quality material and is easy to maintain.


Set Inclusions

The KHBBV53 Cordless Hand Blender set includes:

  • The motor unit.
  • The blending arm.
  • The pan guard.
  • The mixing cup and its lid.
  • The blenders’ charger.
  • User manual.

KitchenAid KHBBV53 Blender: Pros and Cons


  • A powerful cordless machine that can run for up to two hours.
  • It is less noisy.
  • It is very light and easy operate with one hand.
  • Very versatile, fast, and easy.
  • Comes with a pan guard.


  • Short-term warranty.
  • The container is not microwave safe.

KitchenAid KHBBV53 Blender: FAQ

Does this blender experience power shelf drain if kept after charging for long?
  • No. Your power should be just the way you expect it when you want to use it after a long time

Can you use the blender while it's plugged-in charging?
  • No. You have to detach the head to plug it in.

KitchenAid KHBBV53 Blender: Final Thoughts

This blender is very powerful for a cordless blender, and with its single attachment part, it can perform the functions of the multiple attachment parts in other immersion blenders. If the many parts of the other blenders are not a good idea for you, this blender would be best for you. You can get it at the best prices, and the build is of excellent quality and durable.

It is power-saving, and the shaft is equipped with anti-scratch measures to ensure the safety of your pots and pans. This blender is also light and should fit your requirements for a versatile but small machine. The reviews on this blender are excellent, and the ratings are high. Most users are satisfied with the product and its provision.

KitchenAid KHBBV53DG Blender
KitchenAid KHBBV53DG Cordless Hand Blender

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