Ninja Master Prep Professional QB1004 Blender Review

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Speed Settings
Watt Motor (Peak)
Ounce Container
Year Warranty

Healthy living has become a popular trend among a lot of people across the world. One way to achieve the goal is to prepare healthy meals, juices, smoothies, soups, and sauces. And you’ll definitely need a blender to prepare some of those healthy recipes.

The Ninja Master Prep line is one of the most popular Ninja brands because it is affordable, efficient, and versatile. The blenders have a unique design with the motor on top, with the blade going down the jar. In addition, its wide containers allow you to blend ingredients properly. These small devices excel at processing food, making ice cream, crushing ice, and other simple blending tasks.
If you’re searching for a blender and food processor all rolled into one, you’re in for luck. This review of the Ninja Master Professional will help you decide if it would be a great addition to your kitchen shelf.

Quick Overview

Included in the Box
  • 450-Watt Power Pod.
  • 16 oz. Chopper Bowl.
  • Chopper Splash Guard.
  • 40 oz. Processor Bowl.
  • Stacked 4 Blade Assembly.
  • 48 oz. Pitcher.
  • Pitcher Splash Guard.
  • Stacked 6 Blade Assembly.
  • Storage and blending lids for each container.
Product Code
  • Ninja - QB1004
Product Dimensions
  • Height: 11.12 in. 
  • Width: 19.0 in.
  • Length: 7.12 in.
  • Weight: 7.08 lbs.
Colors Available
  • Black
Blender Base & Technology


  • Interchangeable and ergonomic 450-watt power pod.
  • 48 oz. blending pitcher.
  • 40 oz. food processing or food prep bowl.
  • 16 oz. chopper bowl.
  • BPA-free and dishwasher-safe.
  • Stacked six-blade attachment for the blending pitcher.
  • Stacked four-blade attachment for the food processor and chopping bowl.
  • 120V., 60 Hz.
  • US/Canadian configured polarized plug.
Care & Cleaning
  • Containers are easy to wash and are dishwasher safe.
  • 1-year Limited Warranty.
  • SharkNinja Operating LLC - designed in the USA and assembled in China.

Product Dimensions

  • Assembled Product Weight: 7.08 pounds.
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L * W * H): 7.12*19.0*11.12 inches.


The Ninja Master Prep Professional comes with 3 pre-set functions and one motor. You can make creamy, delicious smoothies, crush ice, or chop other ingredients with the portable unit. You only get a single-speed setting, so it is easier to operate and control.

The Ninja Master Prep Professional will save you time as you prepare your meals, and you no longer need a food processor as long as you have it. It comes with large jars that have plenty of space for ingredients. Also, the blades are at different heights to ensure ingredients are chopped and blended evenly.

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Ninja Master Prep Professional - Control


The Ninja Master Prep Professional blender has the only one-speed pulsing system. For many customers, this is a significant drawback. You’ll have to press the button down for as long as you want the blades to rotate. However, the Ninja can blend most ingredients very fast, so you won’t have to press the button for too long.

Other blenders and food processors typically have several buttons and toggles for speed and other features. Still, the lack of such controls on the Ninja Master Prep Professional makes it very easy to use. For example, you can quickly make a soup, a quick cup of smoothie, or sorbet by simply pushing the pulse button.

Ninja Master Prep Professional

Motor and Blade

With most blender units, the power base is the heaviest part there is. However, this blender comes with an interchangeable and ergonomic 450-watt power pod. Also, unlike traditional blade systems, the motor is located on the top, with the blades running down into the jar.

It comes with very powerful sharp blades capable of grinding different kinds of fruits, crushing ice, and pureeing. There is a stacked six-blade attachment for the blending pitcher and a stacked four-blade attachment for the food processor and chopping bowl. However, it would help if you were careful as you try cleaning the blade assembly because you could easily injure yourself.

Ninja Master Prep Professional - Containers

Container and Accessories

The Ninja Master Prep Professional includes a 48 oz. blending pitcher that can easily crush ice to a fine texture in less than a minute. It is ideal for making frozen fruit smoothies or homemade vegetable juice.

It also comes with a 40 oz. food processing or food prep bowl for smaller meal prep. Also, a 16 oz. chopper bowl allows you to chop fruits or vegetables to the texture you expect by pressing the pulse button a couple of times. Apart from the blending lid, there is storage that allows you to make and store food or drinks for the future. The power pod fits perfectly on all the containers.

All the containers that come with the blender are BPA-free and dishwasher-safe. In terms of accessories, you get a chopper splash guard. The splash guard for the 48-ounce pitcher can be interchanged for the 40-ounce bowl, but the 16-ounce container comes with its own.

Care and Cleaning

Overall, the Ninja is easy to clean. With the motor on the top, you can easily take it off for a clean-up. Although some parts of the blender may be challenging to clean, your work is much easier since most of its components are dishwasher safe.

According to other customers who bought it, food could get stuck in between the pitcher’s handle, so be on the look out for that.

Warranty and Replacements

This particular Ninja blender is not the most durable one on the market, and some customers have complained that the blender doesn’t last long and breaks down easily. The Ninja Master Prep Professional is made of plastic, and some parts close to the motor can easily get melted or stripped out, and the blades may break easily.
The blender comes with a 1-year limited warranty. However, it doesn’t cover the normal wear and tear of parts that come with regular use, and the warranty will be voided if the blender has been tampered with or used commercially.

Set Inclusions

The Ninja Master Prep Professional set includes:

  • 450-Watt Power Pod
  • 16 oz. Chopper Bowl
  • Chopper Splash Guard
  • 40 oz. Processor Bowl
  • Stacked 4 Blade Assembly
  • 48 oz. Pitcher
  • Pitcher Splash Guard
  • Stacked 6 Blade Assembly
  • Storage and blending lids for each container.

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Ninja Master Prep Professional: Pros and Cons


  • It blends most ingredients with ease.
  • Each container comes with a lid for storing food.
  • The Ninja is straightforward to clean, thanks to its simple design.
  • It has straightforward controls.
  • The containers are all BPA free.


  • The containers are not made from very durable plastic, and they tend to scratch or break easily.
  • Your speed option is limited to only a pulse setting.

Ninja Master Prep Professional: FAQ

Are the containers made from plastic?
  • Yes, the containers are made from BPA-free plastic.

What are the blades made from?
  • The blades are made from durable steel, and they are very sharp.

Do you always need to add liquids to blend or process food?
  • If you want a creamy or pasty texture with your ingredients, you can add some water to the mix. However, you don’t need to add liquids if you want to chop foods.


Ninja Master Prep Professional: Final Thoughts

The Ninja Master Prep Professional Blender is a special piece of kitchen equipment because you get three different blending containers which make it highly versatile. You can use this blender to make smoothies, cocktails, and soups, and chop various ingredients to aid you in food preparation.
It has good quality and is affordable for the average customer. The containers are made from BPA-free plastic, and the blades are made from stainless steel. This blender also has a powerful 450-watt power pod.
If you’re looking for convenience, speed, and simple controls, the Ninja Master Prep Professional will be a good fit for you. It will also make it easier for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a diet of nutritious drinks and meals.
Ninja Master Prep Professional Blender
Ninja Master Prep Professional Blender

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