NutriBullet or Juicer – Which One Is Better?

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Juicing is an old practice that became popular during the 70s. Before we found efficient ways to make juices, people have used different methods to extract juice from herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Since then, interest in juice extraction had continuously increased because of the nutritional value and medicinal effects they bring.

This practice has not gone away in these modern times as raw food juicing is widely becoming popular with health enthusiasts. A lot of people purchase blenders and even commercial juicers to create healthy and tasty juices for personal consumption or for their business.
Nowadays there are many types and models available with their own unique set of features. The variety of options makes it quite difficult to decide as to which model or type of blender or juicer is the best one to get.
One popular choice is the NutriBullet, and many people wonder about the differences between getting a NutriBullet or a juicer. To help you simplify things up, we’ve put together this article to help you decide which one to get.

What Is the Difference Between a NutriBullet and a Juicer?

Although it may appear that both a NutriBullet and a basic juicer seem to serve the same purpose, the process of extracting the juice and its output is very much different.

A typical juicer only extracts the juice from fruits or vegetables leaving the pulp and all fibrous materials separated in the process. Simply put, you only end up with the extracted liquid with a juicer.
Juicing with a NutriBullet, on the other hand, does not separate the pulp from its juice. Instead, it mashes the ingredients up entirely into a smoothie creating a thicker juice.

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NutriBullet vs. Juicer

Rating: 71% give it 5/5 stars

The NutriBullet Juicer Pro is a powerful high-speed blender. It is equipped with a powerful 1,000-watt motor that turns fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients into smoothies or juice with relative ease. The blended produce is typically thicker than extracted juice because the pulp is not being removed in the process.

Fruit or vegetable pulp is a great source of healthy fibers. Drinks that have pulp in them tend to make you feel full for a longer period, which is good for people on a weight loss plan.
The NutriBullet Juicer Pro’s strong extractor blades make easy work of fruits like bananas and avocados, which cannot be easily blended or juiced by your typical juicer. It also allows you to add other ingredients like ice, yogurt, nuts, milk, or any other supplements to make a richer smoothie.
Using a NutriBullet is not limited to creating smoothies and juicers alone. You can also take advantage of this blender’s power to process food, make nut butter, and flours. Additionally, it is also a great choice for creating your favorite quick snacks like hummus, soups, or guacamole.
One important benefit of using the NutriBullet Juicer Pro is the affordable cost of owning one. It also has a sleek innovative design which makes it easier to store and clean up compared to your average juicer.

Rating: 67% give it 5/5 stars

Juicers are incredible because they can quickly produce juice that you can consume right immediately. The extracted juice does not require any other additional ingredients or water and is comparable to those you see at the stores.

Depending on your preference, extracted juice from juicers may taste better because the pulp or rind, which could be bitter at times, has already been removed. It makes juicers ideal for extracting juice from produce that could taste a little different if blended whole—like beets, carrots, and other root vegetables or leafy greens.
Juicers, unlike blenders, require lots of fruits or vegetables to make a large quantity of extracted juice. Many consider this to be a good thing because they will consume more vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients from a single glass.
The cleanup process is a bit of a disadvantage of using one. Some juicers end up with bits of fruit pulp lodged in tight areas that could be challenging to get to. Also, juicers can be pretty bulky in size, making them space-consuming. If you intend to make juices on a regular basis, you should allot a fixed space on your countertop.

Juicer or NutriBullet? Which One Is Best?​

Making a choice between a typical juicer and the NutriBullet Juicer Pro is ultimately yours to make. The idea of which one is the best boils down to your own personal preference. Regardless of what you decide on, both machines perform just as well as the other as they both can do what they were designed to do.

If you want an easy cleanup process after making your juice or smoothie, the NutriBullet is certainly better in this regard. The machine’s design makes disassembling parts easy. Moreover, since it blends ingredients in their entirety, there would be little to no pulp left behind after a blending session.
Likewise, juicers make pure juice that already has about 95% of the pulp removed—although it would arguably lack some of the nutritional benefits if it were made with a NutriBullet. This might be considered a problem or an advantage, depending on what your preferences are.
Interestingly, juicers are typically more affordable than a NutriBullet Juicer Pro on the market. So if cost is a big factor in your decision-making process, then the juicer is the way to go.
While the NutriBullet Juicer Pro may be more expensive, it also has the capability to create smoothies and process other ingredients as compared to your typical juicer. Its features certainly justify its costs.

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Final Thoughts

Juices and smoothies are not only tasty and easy to consume but also bring a lot of health benefits. But in order to enjoy these delicious treats, we need to use the right equipment to extract the most that we can. Before you purchase either a juicer or a NutriBullet, be sure that it would meet your dietary needs and have the features you find helpful. You wouldn’t want to buy a juicer and end up wishing you went for a NutriBullet instead, or vice-versa.

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