The Best Liquid Bases For Smoothies

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Choosing the right liquid to add to your smoothie affects the entire outcome of your smoothie. It can either help you achieve an amazing smoothie, or it can make your smoothie less appealing and tasty.

Choosing the right liquid can create the right harmony you need among your ingredients for a great mixture. It can also help you achieve your desired goal for your smoothie as different bases match different requirements health-wise and otherwise. A good base should be able to provide the required nutrition, flavour and should be able to support creaminess.

The Best Liquid Bases For Smoothies

There are not so many options to choose from when choosing liquid bases for smoothies, but here are a few that would give you great results, among others:


Best Bases For Smoothies - Water

Water is the most common base used in most smoothies. It is the easiest and safest option. It guarantees you a calorie-free smoothie event though it does not add to the flavour or creaminess of your smoothie. Water is literally free, and it goes with every sort of mixture, so it is also the cheapest base possible. You would generally expect that smoothies made with water as the base would be light in consistency, but you can easily fix that by using ice cubes instead.

Water will be the best base option for you if your goal is weight loss.

Fruit Juice

The Best Liquid Bases For Smoothies - Fruit Juice

Fresh fruit juice, one of the best liquid bases for smoothies, is an excellent choice. Juices can help you achieve a flavour-filled smoothie with very little effort. Just a little can alter the flavour and taste of your smoothie. They also add to the fibre content and sugar content of your smoothie. Packed with vitamin C and vitamin B nutrients, it boosts the nutrient content of your smoothie. They are a great choice if your goal is to have a tasty smoothie.

Juices can make your smoothie watery if you use too much, and they can add an extra amount of unwanted calories and sugars.


Dairy Milk

The Best Liquid Bases For Smoothies - Dairy Milk

Dairy milk refers to animal product milk. Dairy milk is a great choice if you want a tasty and creamy smoothie. Milk is great at creating thick and creamy consistency. It is also calcium-filled and has vitamin D content to thereby enhance the nutrient value of your smoothie.

Milk produces a flavour that is delightful, and it can cover for the flavour from fruits and veggies. It combines well with flavours, and it also makes the appearance look attractive. Use skimmed milk for fewer calories, and remember that the less watery the milk, the more thick and creamy your smoothies are.

Non-Dairy Milk

The Best Liquid Bases For Smoothies - Non-Dairy Milk

In the world today, we have a lot of dairy milk substitutes from plant sources. We have almond milk, rice milk, coconut milk, cashew milk, soy milk, and so many others. These non-dairy kinds of milk can serve as a great choice for your vegan or green smoothies if you do not eat dairy products.

Non-dairy milk offers you a range of different flavours from different sources, and the nutrient content is unbeatable, from high fibres to high carbohydrates, calcium, potassium, vitamins, proteins, and so many others. They are very tasty and can easily improve the taste of your smoothies. They can help make your smoothies thicker and creamier. Non-dairy milk is a very good option if your goal is weight loss.

Although they may be high in cholesterol, they are still the healthiest choice for weight loss. They are also lactose-free.


Coconut Water

The Best Liquid Bases For Smoothies - Coconut Water

Coconut water is different from coconut milk. Coconut milk is gotten from the flesh part of the coconut fruit, while the coconut water is just inside the coconut fruit. As the coconut ages, the water solidifies to become flesh, and this water is very high in potassium and calcium.

It has the right amount of fibre and carbohydrates and has 0% cholesterol. It is almost like a natural energy drink. Coconut water is best used with frozen fruits because it is thin and cannot add to the thickness or creaminess of the smoothie. However, it is a very healthy choice as it replenishes your body electrolytes alongside several other functions.


The Best Liquid Bases For Smoothies - Yoghurt

Yogurt is a very creamy and thick base and is best used if you want an ice cream-like smoothie. Some yogurts are sweetened, while others are plain. Whichever one you decide to add, you would achieve a very thick, very tasty, and flavoured smoothie. You also get all the nutrients you get from dairy milk in most yogurt, and the final appearance is very appetizing.

However, yogurt may not be the best option if you are a vegetarian or if you are lactose intolerant. There may be non-dairy yogurt available, but that may be harder to find.


Other Liquid Bases For Your Smoothies


Coffee is a good choice for taste and flavour. All you need to do is make your coffee and freeze it before adding it to the mixture.

Chocolate Milk:

Chocolate milk is a tasty addition, and it enhances thickness and creaminess. It also gives you the basic milk nutrients and more.

Green or Black Tea:

Adding this to your smoothie makes it healthier because it counteracts toxicity in your liver. You can add honey or extra sugar to your smoothies. Suppose you add green or black tea to cover up for the vinegary taste; remember that you need it best added frozen.

You are the best person to decide which base goes best for you. And from the range of options here, it only makes it easier to decide which works best with your requirements.

Final Thoughts

Smoothies are just amazing, and having the right base for every recipe makes it even better. Next time you want to make a smoothie, remember to use a base that helps you combine the other ingredients into the perfect mixture. That is the only secret to a superb smoothie; make sure to try it.

Also, don’t forget that your ingredients are best frozen, and that includes your liquids too.

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