BELLA Rocket Blender Review

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Speed Settings
Watt Motor (Peak)
Ounce Container
Year Warranty

When many people think about excellent blenders, they imagine an expensive price tag to follow. Thankfully, several brands like BELLA, NutriBullet, Magic Bullet manufacture great mid-level blenders that are efficient and affordable.

The BELLA Rocket Blender is not one of the most popular personal blenders among customers, but it is cheap and powerful. From smoothies and purees to grinding ice, this Blender can handle many blending tasks.

However, like other cheap blenders, the Rocket blender has its good and not-so-good sides. In this review, we’ll point out all the aspects of the BELLA Rocket Blender that you need to consider before you buy a unit.

Quick Overview

Included in the Box
  • Motor base.
  • Blending Blade.
  • Grinding Blade.
  • Two 14 oz. jars.
  • One 6 oz. small grinding jar.
  • Shaker top.
  • Travel lid.
  • Three storage lids
  • Two lip rings.
  • User Manual.
Product Code
  • BLA13330
Product Dimensions
  • Height: 10.51 in. 
  • Width: 7.24 in.
  • Length: 8.9 in.
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs.
Colors Available
  • Stainless Steel
  • Black
Blender Base & Technology


  • 700-watt power base.
  • The motor is housed in a plastic base covered with aluminum.
  • Two 14 oz. blending jars.
  • Smaller 6 oz. grinding cup.
  • Two stainless-steel blades.

  • The blending blade has four sharp, angled edges.

  • The grinding blade has two low-profile blades.

  • US/Canadian configured polarized plug.
Care & Cleaning
  • All the containers, lids and blade assemblies are dishwasher safe.

  • Easy to clean manually with water and soap.
  • One-year warranty.
  • Bella Housewares | A Made By Gather Brand

Product Dimensions

  • Assembled Product Weight: 3.5 pounds.
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L * W * H): 8.9*7.24*10.51 inches.
BELLA Rocket Blender - Functionality


The BELLA 12-piece Rocket Blender is a versatile gadget that packs all its functionality in a compact size. This blender has the same power as other popular brands like Cuisinart and NutriBullet. Additionally, it can handle food preparation activities such as chopping and grinding. The BELLA Rocket Blender can grind coffee, nuts and serve as a small food processor. You can also use it to make salsa and blend soft vegetables.

Furthermore, this blender can make delicious and smooth smoothies. It can also handle ice cubes, but you will need to can some liquid first. Unfortunately, the BELLA Rocket Blender cannot make nut butter, heat liquids, and mix dough. Nonetheless, it is an excellent budget-friendly personal blender.

BELLA Rocket Blender - Controls


The BELLA Rocket Blender comes with a 700-watt motor, but it has just a fast single-speed setting. This means that you won’t get a typical speed dial. However, you make the blender pulse blend by pressing down on the jar. The motor only runs when there’s some pressure applied to the jar.

For continuous blending, you’ll have to lock the jar in place. This will make the motor run for as long as the jar is in place. However, the manufacturer suggests that it’s not a great idea to let the engine run for more than a minute at a time. If you intend to blend continuously, you’ll need to let the blender rest for three minutes before you can use it again.

The BELLA Rocket Blender has the most basic control system you can find on blenders within the same range. Nonetheless, the controls allow you to blend the consistent textures you want.

BELLA Rocket Blender - Blades

Motor and Blades

The BELLA 12-piece Rocket Blender comes with a 700-watt power base. This might not seem like much, but it can chop vegetables, make smoothies and soups.

Furthermore, the motor is housed in a plastic base covered with aluminum. Also, the BELLA Rocket Blender’s power base has rubber feet that help to ensure that the blender doesn’t move around your counter while you blend. The motor base isn’t made of top-quality material like other blenders like the Oster MyBlend.

The BELLA Rocket Blender has two stainless steel blades; the blending blade and the grinding blade. The blending blade has four sharp, angled edges, while the grinding blade has two low-profile blades. Also, the grinding blade is only compatible with the small grinding jar.

These blades are designed into the jar lids. This means that you cannot add additional food ingredients while the blender is running. Thankfully, the blades are dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to clean them with your hands and risk injury.


Container and Accessories

The BELLA Rocket Blender comes with two 14 oz. blending jars, and a smaller 6 oz. grinding cup. This is exactly what you can expect from a personal blender. The 14 oz. jars are perfect for making personal-sized servings of smoothies, purees, and other blended mixtures. It also has a max indicator line to ensure that you don’t overfill the jar.

On the other hand, the 6 oz. jar is dubbed the ‘Small Grinding Cup’ because it’s designed for chopping food, grinding coffee beans, and mixing spices. This jar is designed to work with the flat blade assembly. In addition, both jars are made from BPA-free plastic, and they’re also dishwasher safe. Sadly, the BELLA Rocket Blender doesn’t have various accessories because it comes with two shaker lids and two storage lids.

Care and Cleaning

The BELLA Rocket is easy to care for and clean. Thanks to its simple design, you can assemble, disassemble, and clean the entire blender in a short time. The blender’s containers, lids, and blade assemblies are dishwasher-safe.

However, it is also easy to clean manually with water and soap. The only issue is that sticky particles can be hard to get rid of because the jar isn’t large enough for large hands to fit into. Additionally, cleaning underneath the blades can be tricky because debris gets stuck at the bottom of the blade assembly, which is hard to reach.

Warranty and Replacements

A one-year warranty covers the BELLA Rocket Blender. This warranty doesn’t include replacement parts and shipping costs. However, when you purchase a unit from stores such as Amazon, you can get a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that you can return the BELLA blender if you’re not satisfied for a full refund.


Set Inclusions

The BELLA Rocket 12-Piece Blender set includes:

  • Motor base.
  • Blending Blade.
  • Grinding Blade.
  • Two 14 oz. jars.
  • One 6 oz. small grinding jar.
  • Shaker top.
  • Travel lid.
  • Three storage lids
  • Two lip rings.
  • User Manual.

BELLA Rocket Blender: Pros and Cons


  • Budget-friendly.
  • Versatile enough to handle most tasks.
  • Easy to use and store.


  • It can only make smoothies in small batches.
  • The motor base is not made from the most durable materials.
  • Short warranty period.

BELLA Rocket Blender: FAQ

Can the Rocket Blender pulverize carrots?
  • No, not really. The BELLA Rocket blender doesn't have enough power to blend tough ingredients, so it can't pulverize carrots flawlessly. If you use it to do that, the mixture will have chunks.

Can I use the blender to blend ice cubes?
  • No, you can't. The blender isn't designed for blending ice.


BELLA Rocket Blender: Final Thoughts

The BELLA Rocket Blender is a great personal blender with an affordable price tag. However, there is a limit to what this blender can do, and it’s not the most durable option. If you are interested in an affordable and more durable option, you can consider other blenders like the NutriBullet 900.

In this review, we’ve pointed out all you need to know about the BELLA 12-Piece Rocket Blender. So, if you go through all we’ve discussed, and you think this blender is just what you need, don’t hesitate to buy one for yourself.

BELLA Rocket Blender
BELLA Rocket Blender

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