Oster MyBlend Personal Blender Review

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Watt Motor (Peak)
Ounce Container
Year Warranty

The Oster MyBlend Personal Blender is a sleek, nice-looking, and very affordable blender that may be a good option for you if you are seeking to get a low-power, single-serving blender for quick on-the-go smoothies and shakes. The Oster MyBlend Personal blender works best with soft ingredients, especially for smoothies and shakes, so you should probably consider getting a more powerful blender if you intend to use your blender for more tedious functions.

As for this blender, it is truly designed for a single serving and light task. This makes it the suitable choice for quick smoothie making, and as you read on, you will find out how the features of this blender are designed to satisfy your single-serving needs.


Quick Overview

Included in the Box
  • Motor base.
  • 1 transportable 20 oz. sport bottle.
  • Blade housing.
  • User's guide including a few recipes.
Product Code
  • Oster - B004P2OLB8
Product Dimensions
  • Height: 14.9 in.
  • Width: 6.7 in.
  • Length: 6.9 in.
  • Weight: 1.0 lbs.
Colors Available
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Pink
Blender Base & Technology


  • 250-watt motor.
  • Single 20 oz. transportable sports bottle with bold measuring lines up to 20 oz. on the side
  • A set of four-pronged stainless steel blades

  • US/Canadian configured polarized plug.
  • 13 amps, 120 volts.
  • 16" cord length.
Care & Cleaning


  • The blender can self-clean if you run the blender with a little soap and water in it.
  • You can also wash the container and its lid in the dishwasher and rinse the blades with water after use.

Blender Base

  • Ensure the power cord isn’t connected to a power source.
  • Then you can clean the outside surface with a soft, damp cloth using a few drops of soap and warm water.
  • 3-Year satisfaction guarantee.
  • Oster, Sunbeam Corporation- Florida, USA

Product Dimensions

  • Assembled Product Weight: 1.0 pounds.
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L * W * H): 6.9*6.7*14.9inches.
Oster MyBlend Personal Blender - Functionality


If you are an active or health-conscious person, or you just like a good cup of smoothie for the gym or for your kids, the Oster MyBlend is a good option to meet these needs. It is easy to use, and even though the power is low, it is still sufficient to make great smoothies and shakes, especially with soft fruits. 

Unfortunately, the narrow bottle makes it difficult for the blender to blend leafy ingredients like kale and spinach. So if you don’t want chunks of vegetables in your smoothie or a foamy smoothie, you should try not to use those ingredients. 

You would also end up with a grainy consistency if you add tough ingredients, including nuts and seeds. It is not suitable for ice crushing or hot blending. On the good side, the blender is quite fast, and you can make multiple sets of smoothies on the go.


Just like most single-serving blenders we see around, the Oster MyBlend Blender has a single-speed setting and no control panel or pulse function. Just the usual press and hold or twist and hold container to blend. But as a plus, this blender can also be twisted to lock and blend, so you don’t have to wait on the blender if you like; you can attend to other things while it runs.

The time limit depends on your satisfaction, and the machine is fast, and it shouldn’t take too long, but it is also equipped with an overheat protection that shuts off the blender and gives it a 15-minute break if it detects overheating.

Oster MyBlend Personal Blender - Motor and Accessories

Motor and Blade


The motor base of the Oster MyBlend blender produces 250 watts of power, which is just enough to perform the basic cutting and chopping functions like smoothie making. This blender is not suitable for any tedious function. The low power is responsible for how quiet the blender is. You can use it while others are asleep, and this would suit you if you are an early morning person.


The blades are a set of four-pronged blades that are stainless steel, making them less likely to break or rust easily. The gear is made of plastic, and daily users have reported that it wears down quickly.

Oster MyBlend Personal Blender - Container and Accessories

Container and Accessories

The Oster MyBlend blender comes with just a single 20 oz. transportable sports bottle with bold measuring lines up to 20 oz. on the side. You can easily blend and take your smoothies along in your backpack. The bottle can also fit into the cup holders of most cars.

You can also purchase the bottle separately in different colors, and it makes it possible to blend multiple sets of smoothies in different containers for each family member. The bottles have a flip lid that is spillproof, safe, and easy to carry around. No other accessories are included in the box.

Care and Cleaning

Cleaning and maintaining the Oster MyBlend blender is not difficult. The blender can self-clean if you run the blender with a little soap and water in it. You can also wash the container and its lid in the dishwasher and rinse the blades with water after use.

The machine is relatively small and would take only a little counter space; therefore, storage should be the easiest thing.

Warranty and Replacements

The Oster MyBlend blender is provided with a limited one-year warranty, but the brand guarantees three years of satisfaction.

Set Inclusions

The Oster MyBlend Personal Blender set includes:

  • Motor base.
  • 1 transportable 20 oz. sport bottle.
  • Blade housing.
  • User’s guide including a few recipes.

Oster MyBlend Personal Blender: Pros and Cons


  • Small, lightweight, and less space-consuming.
  • Very affordable.
  • Nice-looking and available in various colors.
  • Sports bottle container.
  • It is quiet.
  • Three years guarantee and a one-year warranty.


  • Low power results in less functionality.
  • Plastic gear.
  • Daily usage results in early wear down of gear and base problems.
  • The machine is not suitable for hard ingredients.

Oster MyBlend Personal Blender: FAQ

Are the sport bottles freezable?
  • The manufacturer does not recommend freezing the sports bottle. You can refrigerate to get a chill smoothie, but the contraction when freezing the bottle can weaken or crack the bottle.

Can I use this blender to make a fine powder with nuts and spices?
  • No. You would not be able to achieve a very fine powder with this blender. Especially because this blender is not suitable for dry grinding, plus nuts and some spices may be too hard for the blender.

Can I use a mason jar instead of the plastic bottle with this blender?
  • No. A mason jar would not fit with the blade's compartment, and neither will it fit on the base of the blender.

Oster MyBlend Personal Blender: Final Thoughts

The Oster MyBlend blender is a good individual blender and very affordable too.  If you use it as a smoothie maker mostly, you will enjoy the benefits of this blender more. You may not be satisfied with the results you get if you use the blender for tedious functions, so you are advised to stick to smoothies and shakes with this blender. 

However, there are better personal blenders that can perform more tasks than you may require available for a close price or even the same price.

Oster MyBlend Personal Blender
Oster MyBlend Personal Blender

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