Vitamix Professional Series 200 Blender Review

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Speed Settings
Watt Motor (Peak)
Ounce Container
Year Warranty

Have you had to ask or search for a recipe to try on your own? If yes, then you already know that sometimes, when trying out new recipes, you don’t always get the exact taste, look or feel that you’re trying to replicate. Sometimes it’s because you don’t have the right skills, and sometimes it’s because you don’t have the right devices.

One of the most important devices is a blender and not just any blender, but those power-packed blenders that the chefs prefer to use. So, if you’re tired of boring old meals and whole regular drinks and you think it’s time to start making signature meals, then it’s also time to step up your blender, most preferably to the exceptional ones that your favorite chefs use if you’re ready to splurge.

Many surveys listed the Vitamix Professional Series 200 as a good blender to step up to, but is that just because the blenders are from the almighty Vitamix brand? We may never be able to tell if we do not dissect this unit and find out more than what the eyes can see.

Physical appearance matters, but the stuff that this blender is made off and what this blender can make is what we are more concerned about, and on that note, we have thoroughly examined the Vitamix Professional Series 200 and provided you with enough information to help you decide if you have found the one or not.


Quick Overview

Included in the Box
  • 1200 watts motor.
  • 64 oz. pitcher and vented lid.
  • Classic tamper.
  • Starter's guide.
  • DVD.
Product Code
  • Vitamix Professional Series 200
Product Dimensions
  • Height: 20.50 in.
  • Width: 8.75 in.
  • Length: 7.25 in.
  • Weight: 11.0 lbs.
Colors Available
  • Black
Blender Base & Technology


  • 1200-watt/2.2 Horsepower motor.
  • The motor is equipped with a radial cooling fan and thermal protection system.
  • The motor-to-drive connection in this blender is metal.
  • 64 0z. tall pitcher with a tight-fitting lid.
  • Hard aircraft-grade stainless steel blades

  • Four-pronged blade design.
  • US/Canadian configured polarized plug.
  • 120 V, 50/60 Hz, 11.5 Amps.
  • 6 feet.
Care & Cleaning
  • The Vitamix Professional Series 200 Blender can self-clean.
  • Store the blender on your dry countertop or cabinet that it can fit into.
  • 7-year Limited Warranty.
  • Vitamix - Cleveland, Ohio USA

Product Dimensions

  • Assembled Product Weight: 10.9 pounds.
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L * W * H): 7.25*8.75*20.5 inches.


The Vitamix Professional Series 200 blenders are manufactured for professional use, and so they are expected to have the capacity to perform as many professional functions as possible. These models have not let us down so far, they effortlessly perform some of the toughest functions required of them, and they do so in a very short time. Its gravity-fed unit and super sharp blades create the most smooth and creamy products. 

Vitamix Series 200 blenders can chop, mash and grind meat and other ingredients. They can grind grains, even the smallest, to make flour or breadcrumbs consistency. They can even turn sugar into powder in a few seconds. These blenders are great ice crushers, and you don’t need to add so much liquid. 

Vitamix Professional Series blenders are also suitable for making baby food and soups, hot or cold. The blades used in these models can create enough friction to make you hot soup in at least 3 minutes; this is a process that would normally take over 15 minutes on a stove. These blenders are also suitable for making batter for cookies or cake and dough for bread.

Vitamix Professional Series 200 Blender - Controls


The control settings of these blenders permit the user to have full control over the entire process it takes to make the food. You are saddled with the responsibility to navigate your way through the blending patterns, time, and speed that it would take for the blender to achieve accurate consistency and texture. 

There are no pre-programmed blending cycles to make blending a one-click activity; all you have are the variable nine-speed controls that can be adjusted whenever during blending and the pulse function. You also have the on/off power toggle. The variable speed settings and no pre-programmed blending cycles help you personalize your blending experience.

Vitamix Professional Series 200 Blender - Blades

Motor and Blade


The motor is a powerful 2.2 Horsepower unit that is over 1200 watts of power, and this power requirement may not seem enormous, but it provides this device with just the right power to do the right job. The motor is equipped with a radial cooling fan and thermal protection system, and the motor-to-drive connection found in these blenders is metal and therefore ensures a longer life expectancy for the blender.


Vitamix boasts of hard aircraft-grade stainless steel blades designed to take down the most difficult ingredients, and together with that base, it can do so much. The blades are made of quality stainless steel material, and they are a set of sharp four-pronged blades that are permanently attached to the pitcher. 

Its blade’s design creates a vortex-like blending environment in the pitcher that pushes down ingredients towards the blades so that they can be blended. This pattern ensures that there is no leftover residue remaining in the mixture.

Vitamix Professional Series 200 Blender - Containers

Container and Accessories

The Vitamix Series 200 do not come with so many accessories. The brand ensures that you can get all that you want from the single 64 oz. pitcher available. Its pitcher comes with a lid that has a vent to allow the only other accessory, which is a tamper into the blender while blending to help process thick and stubborn mixtures.

The pitchers that come with these blenders are made of high-quality BPA-free plastic material. They are strong, durable, scratch, temperature, and stress-resistant. They would not leak easily and would hardly break on hitting the ground.

Care and Cleaning

This blender is a self-cleaning device. You only need to put in some warm water and dish soap and then run for only 30 seconds, and you will have a clean blender. You don’t need to go through any stress of hand washing or having to place them in the dishwasher. It is safe to store the blender on your countertop or in a cabinet if you have one that it can fit into.

Warranty and Replacements

The warranty on this Vitamix blender is for a full seven (7) years. Remember that sometimes, warranties portray how much confidence the brand has in its products.

Set Inclusions

The Vitamix Professional Series 200 blender set includes:

  • 1200 watts motor.
  • 64 oz. pitcher and vented lid.
  • Classic tamper.
  • Starter’s guide.
  • DVD.

Vitamix Professional Series 200: Pros and Cons


  • It comes with a powerful motor.
  • The blender has variable speed settings
  • Large pitcher.
  • Pulse feature.
  • Quality build and durable plastic parts.


  • It is expensive.
  • It is loud.

Vitamix Professional Series 200: FAQ

Can mason jars fit on these? Or small serving containers?
  • No, they don't. However, Vitamix makes smaller serving models.

Can this be used as a juicer?

Vitamix Professional Series 200: Final Thoughts

Besides the fact that you may want to get a brilliant blender so that you can perfect your culinary skills, you also need to understand that you need a blender that has enough power that can match up to the functions that you need to perform so that you can avoid any future hazards as you know that very tedious functions can cause a blender to overheat and eventually break down. 

However, the Vitamix Professional Series 200  has just the right blender to accommodate your toughest ingredients and perform your most difficult tasks and do them perfectly with the aid of its blades. With all you know now, the decision-making process just got easier for you.

Vitamix Professional Series 200 Blender
Vitamix Professional Series 200 Blender

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