Top 5 Cheap Vitamix Alternatives In 2022

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Vitamix blenders are some of the best on the market because they are versatile, robust, durable, and provide an overall outstanding blending experience. In addition, different varieties are suitable for specific functions and have different qualities.

Although they are top-quality blenders, they can be pretty expensive. You may want to go for a Vitamix alternative if you are not ready to spend so much money on a blender or you’re just testing the waters.

These days, many other blenders compete with the Vitamix standard. But are these new brands just a Vitamix knockoff? Are there any comparable worthy blenders to Vitamix? Is there a cheaper alternative to Vitamix?

To answer your questions, this article will examine a few blender brands, so you can decide if the alternatives are worth it.

Buying Guide For Cheap Vitamix Alternatives

If you’re considering a cheaper blender alternative to Vitamix, there are a couple of things you should consider before making a choice:

Price: Most importantly, since you are in the market for a blender cheaper than Vitamix, the price should be a little bit or much more different than the average Vitamix blender. The best Vitamix alternatives should save you some money but provide value.

Power: Although you want something cheaper, the blenders should still have power that is comparable to a Vitamix blender. Buying a cheap blender that isn’t very powerful is not reasonable.

Speed and Preset Options: The best Vitamix alternatives should provide various speed options, as well as preset programs. This gives you more control over the consistency of results on your recipes.


The Top 5 Cheap Vitamix Alternatives In 2022: At A Glance

• Powerful 1800-watt motor.
• Large containers.
• Easy to use and clean.

• Pitcher can crack.
• Relatively high motor failure.
• The lowest speed is not low.

• Versatile.
• Top-notch performance.
• 7-year warranty.
• 8 variable speeds.

• Pitcher’s durability is low.
• Quick heating of blended ingredients.
• Incompatible with other attachments or accessories.

• Powerful blades.
• Versatile.

• Complicated to use.
• Containers are not durable.
• Occupies a lot of kitchen space.

• Durable design-build.
• 8-year limited guarantee.
• Comes with necessary accessories.

• Limited program settings.

• 5-year limited warranty.
• 4 preset settings.
• Low noise emission.

• Comes with just a small 32 oz. jar.

The Top 5 Cheap Vitamix Alternatives In 2022

Rating: 76% give it 5/5 stars

The Cleanblend Commercial Blender is a great gadget that can easily replace a Vitamix in your kitchen. It is equipped with a very effective 1800-watt motor and other durable parts.

This blender comes with a top-quality 64 oz. container, undetachable stainless steel blades, and an all-metal blade assembly. It has a minimalistic control panel with a ten variable speed dial knob, on/off switch, and pulse function.

With those features, this blender can handle the following functions:

  • Making finely textured smoothies. Its blades can pulverize both soft and hard ingredients easily.
  • Handling ice and other frozen ingredients for delicious frozen desserts, iced drinks, etc.
  • Making tasty nut milk.
  • Chopping hard and soft vegetables.
  • Making purees from cooked and raw vegetables.
  • Kneading dough.
  • Processing hot ingredients and liquids.

Fortunately, the blender is very easy to use and clean up after. Additionally, the Cleanblend blender comes with a 5-year Limited Warranty and very reliable customer service.

Cleanblend has the same remarkable features you get from professional blenders and performs almost on the same level as Vitamix blenders. However, it is not as durable as the Vitamix gadgets.


  • At 1800-watts, it has one of the strongest motors for a blender.
  • The large size makes it easy to prepare meals for multiple people.
  • Perfectly designed for both convenience and optimal performance.
  • Do not move around too much.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Crackable pitcher.
  • Relatively high motor failure.
  • The lowest speed is not low.

Rating: 67% give it 5/5 stars

The Oster Versa Pro is another product that you should consider as an alternative to Vitamix. It is equipped with a powerful 1400-watt motor and very durable blades. It also has an all-metal drive and blade coupling.

This blender offers enough speed options, as well as a pulse function. Its blade assembly is permanently built into a 64 oz. premium Tritan copolyester container. Vitamix containers are made from similar material, but the Oster’s is not as durable. The blades are made of stainless steel, and the blade assembly is all metal.

The control panel on this blender has an eight-variable speed knob, three preset modes, and a pulse function. With these speed options, you can prepare various recipes with ease. You also get a tamper which comes in handy for processing tough ingredients and mixes. Cleaning the Oster is a breeze, thanks to its self-cleaning capabilities.

Oster Versa 1400 comes with a seven (7)-year limited warranty. It also has excellent and helpful customer service.

The Oster Versa blender is designed for the following tasks:

  • Making delicious smoothies.
  • Handling ice and other frozen ingredients you may need for a recipe.
  • Processing nut butter.
  • Heating soup in less than 10 minutes.
  • Chopping, mincing and pureeing.


  • It is a versatile blender that handles a variety of recipes.
  • Most task quality performance is top-notch and could easily be called a cheaper Vitamix.
  • The machine is durable and comes with an all-metal sturdy motor drive coupling and a considerable seven (7)-year limited warranty.
  • It is stable and does not travel over the counter.
  • It comes with pre-set programs and eight (8) variable speeds that allow you to experiment with a wide range of recipes.
  • Inbuilt blades are very easy to use and clean.


  • It does not have a very durable pitcher.
  • Quick heating of blended ingredients and some units come with a tamper that is too short or too long.
  • It cannot pulverize berry seeds as efficiently as Vitamix.
  • The lid is not easy to remove.
  • No other attachments and extra accessories are compatible with this model.

Rating: 82% give it 5/5 stars

As one of the cheap Vitamix alternatives, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System is an excellent choice. There are different models of this blender, and they are all fitted with a powerful 1500-watt motor.  All models of this blender can perform various functions thanks to the accessories that come with each set. The downside to having so many accessories is that the cleaning process can be longer than you’d like.

With so many parts and accessories, the Ninja Mega blender can be challenging to use. For example, it has a very sharp blade assembly that is not easy to set up or detach. We must add that the sharpness of the blade system makes it difficult to clean, so you’ll have to be very careful. It also comes with a tamper that’s necessary for dealing with tough ingredients.

The containers you get with the blender depend on what model you purchase. However, your options include a 72 oz. pitcher, 16 oz. single-serve blender attachment, 64 oz. food processor attachment, and a 24 oz. food processor mini bowl. Unfortunately, these containers are not very durable. The Ninja also has multiple removable blade assemblies that fit each attachment.

Additionally, there are only three-speed options and a pulse function on the control panel, which is less than you get with other blenders on our list.

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System performs a variety of functions with the attachments, which include, but are not limited to:

The Ninja has a concise 1-year warranty, which doesn’t do so well compared to other options. Furthermore, this gadget has poor customer service.


  • Powerful blades that can easily handle ice and crush cubes.
  • Versatile machine


  • The system is bulky and overly complicated to use.
  • The containers are not very durable and crack after a short time
  • It isn’t very easy to set up for running and cleaning.
  • The containers are not designed to handle hot temperatures.
  • It occupies a lot of kitchen space.

Rating: 75% give it 5/5 stars

The Jamba Appliances 2.4HP Blender is a much cheaper alternative to Vitamix. It is a personal blender that has all the functions needed for small or medium batches of blending. In addition, this blender comes with an eight-year limited warranty.

Like Vitamix, The Jamba Blender’s blade is not sharp, so handwashing the blender is possible and safe. Additionally, it has a 2.4 HP motor and an infinite speed dial that gives you various speed options for different recipes.

The build of the blender’s body and the containers indicate that the machine was manufactured with durability in mind. It has a stainless-steel blade, all-metal drive, and shatterproof containers. Generally, cleaning the blender is an easy task.


  • A unit comes with necessary accessories.
  • It has an eight-year limited guarantee.
  • Durable design-build.


  • Limited program settings.

Rating: 71% give it 5/5 stars

The Hamilton Beach Pro blender comes last on our list of cheap Vitamix alternatives, but it is still an outstanding one. This is a blender designed to be as quiet as possible. Not only does the body design reduce the noise, but it also has a clear shield that you place over the pitcher to lessen the noise further.

The blender has 1500-watt motor power and a stainless-steel blade that reaches up to 105 mph. The blender is perfect for many functions, including crushing ice and other hard ingredients.

The Hamilton has four preset speed functions, including the clean mode, which activates the self-clean capability of the blender. There is also a variable speed dial at your disposal. Finally, the pulse function works with any speed to maintain a consistent texture while blending.

Finally, this blender is not as expensive as Vitamix, and it comes with a five-year limited warranty.


  • Protected by a five-year limited warranty.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Four preset settings.
  • Low noise emission.


  • Comes with just a small 32 oz. jar.

Final Thoughts

The Cleanblend Commercial Blender is arguably the best Vitamix alternative because of its powerful motor, versatility, and overall great performance—with the next best thing being the Oster Versa Pro Series Blender.

With that said, these cheap Vitamix alternatives would still cost you roughly 200 dollars. All the above-listed blenders are quite commendable in their performance, but be on the lookout as some may have durability issues.

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